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"Respect for nature is respect for others."

This is the hope that our reserve continues to run on, as a special space in which "people will learn and discover" in order to "respect nature everywhere they find themselves and not just upon a few protected acres of land.”

"Once everyone has become aware of that, nature reserves will no longer be needed…"

Jean Eyheralde, founding member of the Association of Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserves (ARNAR).

Presentation of the Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserves

There are three nature reserves grouped together under the designation of Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserves:
• the Aiguilles Rouges
• Carlaveyron
• the Vallon de Bérard

These protected territories represent a surface area of about 10,900 acres spread over the municipalities of Chamonix, Vallorcine and Les Houches, containing vast ecosystems and numerous biotopes located at altitudes that range between 3,900 and 9,730 feet above sea level (the Aiguille du Belvédère), situated around 17 lakes, 6 glaciers and numerous areas bearing distinct natural features (alpine pastures, scree, springs, peat bogs, moraines and more).

Adjoining areas include the Sixt-Passy Nature Reserve (22,730 acres) which spreads across the Haut Giffre from the Cirque du Fer à Cheval to the summit of Mont Ruan, as well as Passy Nature Reserve (4,450 acres), which lies between Diosaz Valley, behind Salenton Pass, and the Rochers des Fiz.

These territories are all regulated by ministerial decrees.

Regulations (stemming from Ministerial Decrees)

- Flowers should not be picked and fossils should not be collected, so that all visitors may enjoy viewing them where they are naturally located.
- Dogs and other pets are not allowed, even when leashed, in order to ensure the peace of mind (and respect for) the local wildlife.
- Visitors cannot camp or create campfires within the area. This is to avoid leaving any trace of one's passage and to keep the reserve as natural as possible. (Bivouac shelters are allowed for the night between 7 pm and 9 am).
- No garbage or materials should be left by visitors in order to preserve the cleanliness and biodiversity of the sites.
- Hunting is forbidden and fishing is regulated.
- No motor vehicles are allowed without authorization.
- Flying over the area (paragliding, hang-gliding, helicopters, drones…) is forbidden any lower than 1,000 feet above the ground – or 3,300 feet in some cases – without authorization.

Other Recommendations:
- Please avoid any noise or loud activities that may disturb the wildlife and other visitors.
- Visitors should remain on the main paths in order to limit their impact on the natural environment.

ARNAR: Association of Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserves

The Association of Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserves was established in 1972 and conveys values related to heightening awareness and improving knowledge of nature as an environment, and as a space in which people can meet.

Goals (Article 4 in the statutes)

The Association's main goal is to protect the natural environment that is made up of the Aiguilles Rouges, Vallon de Bérard and Carlaveyron Nature Reserves.
Our mission is one of public service, which consists of bolstering the development, management and operation of those reserves.
The Association welcomes all members of the public and strives to educate others in order to enhance global knowledge of the environment.

The Association elicits all required initiatives in terms of education, scientific endeavor and tourism. It carries out this task by way of all individuals, knowledge and resources at its disposal, in order to bring to life and highlight the value of the reserves for which it is the caretaker. It may also contribute to matters of management by highlighting the local context.

The Association may also set up partnership agreements with scientific bodies and specialized laboratories that are related to the field of its work.


Becoming a member of the Association of Aiguilles Rouges Nature Reserves is one way of supporting its activities and projects at the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif and in the Chamonix Valley.

Your membership enables you to invest personally in community work.
It also makes it possible, collectively, to finance our activities: hosting student-interns, events, excursions, conferences, participation in local policy relating to environmental education, and research.

Your contribution confirms your commitment to, and interest in, the activities of ARNAR. It also gives you access to a discounted rate for our events and you will receive the "Nature et Patrimoine" periodical, published by the Conseil Départemental de la Haute Savoie.

A donation is always welcome as a mark of your support and helps bolster the value of the advancement of knowledge of the natural environment, something we have always defended.

You can fill out the online membership form or print out the one provided here (pdf) and send it along with a check made out to: "ARNAR" (or Association des Réserves Naturelles des Aiguilles Rouges).

The membership fee is 30 € and 15 € for students.

ARNAR is recognized by law as a public interest association. Membership fees, as well as any donations, are tax deductible.

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